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Peter J. Hodges is a marketing professional and Colorado landscape photographer



Marketing Nerd


Howdy! I started out as an actor and I quickly found my storytelling skills could be transferred into marketing. And I liked the fact that marketing jobs also included a paycheck, health insurance, and a career path. 

As a marketer, my job is to be a cheerleader. I help people articulate and then share what makes them special. 

I have lived in Colorado my entire life and I'm also shameless cheerleader for my home state through my photography. There are plenty of other beautiful places in the world but I have yet to find anywhere else I would want to live. Colorado offers the perfect blend of urban hipster, relaxed mountains towns, and awe-inspiring natural beauty.


(Last updated November 1, 2017. Hat tip to Derek Sivers for the idea.)

Trying to be a good dad and husband. I still get to enjoy a few more years of my kids thinking I am super cool, so I am making the most of this time. 

Marketing nerd. I work for an IT company as the head of marketing and we are ramping up our marketing programs in the US and South Africa. 

Getting smarter. I am working through a wide range of courses right now to become a better marketer and photographer.

Getting healthier. I have been very active for about a year around health and fitness. I continue to be shocked at how much of a positive difference this makes. Regular exercise = free medicine. I neglected fitness and nutrition for too long and I now getting cranky if I can't exercise each day. 

After all this, I get about 10 minutes a day to zone out and read the news. 


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