Think Local for Unique Content Marketing Opportunities

Soda jerker flipping ice cream into malted milk shakes. Corpus Christi, Texas (LOC)

Making a trip to the soda fountain fun

Terrior is is a French term used in wine making that loosely translates to “a sense of place.” It refers to the fact that the same chardonnay grapes grown in different vineyards (or even separate parts of the same vineyard) can produce noticeably different wines because each set of grapes will absorb different amounts of sunlight, minerals from the soil, and be subjected to unique weather in each region.

The concept of terrior offers tons of ideas for social media marketing. What makes where you live or work unique and fun?

  • Is your corporate office a 100-year-old converted sugar plant/movie theater/train station?
  • Do you offer a product/service/meal/experience that’s truly one of a kind (be honest)?
  • Is Wrigley Field/Empire State Building/Eiffel Tower up the street from your office?
  • Can you get awesome green chili/cheese steak sandwiches/clam chowder/barbecue ribs from the hole-in-the-wall restaurant in your neighborhood?

What unique places do people go out of their way to track down when they visit your hometown? Share those insider tips with us. That’s interesting stuff we’re not going to find in the guide book from the airport bookstore.

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